Our administration services handle all your system emergencies!This is where we put on our fire-fighter hats! We place equal emphasis on preventing the first (or any subsequent) disaster as we do on restoring your on-site system in the event of a disaster.

If you choose our site management service, our trained, experienced staff will manage and maintain any or all elements of your web hardware and communications infrastructure. This service is, of course, included in our hosting service, but is available separately to those who prefer to have their own in-house equipment.

We will assume responsibility for the management of your own staff or provide the management and staffing required to fully operate and maintain your system. This service includes a complete system analysis, with an eye toward cost-effective hardware modifications that enhance the reliability and effectiveness of your system. We will review and recommend any changes needed to assure the reliability and integrity of your systems and data.

We also offer a complete security analysis of your site. This includes recommendations for and the installation of defensive software and procedures to minimize the possibility of unwanted loss, invasion or theft of information. Included in the analysis are recommendations for safeguards against infection by virus or direct attack.

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